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The Pilot's Flight, FTD and Simulator Logbooks:

†† Pilots who are looking to keep separate entry from their aircraft flight logsshould consider the spiral bound Pilot's Flight, FTD and Simulator Logbook which gives thepilot accurate white page ledger information of their training andcurrency while working with aircraft, FTDs and simulators. The logbook provide entry for pilot information such as medical currency, license numbers, contact information,notes and endorsements.The log also provide for separation ofthe various levels ofsimulation including FTD Level 1-7 and SimulatorLevels A-D.So don't be confused anylonger about your separation of hours between aircraft and ground training equipment.  Over a given pilot career one can accumulate many hours of FTD time and simulator time in their training and currency. The logbook is spiral bound with 50 pages of log for aircraft, 10 pages for FTDs and 10 pages for full motion simulators ledger data.  



 Pilot's Flight, FTD and Simulator Log   

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Aircraft Survival Raft for 4 Persons and Equipment Used and Never Opened

survival equipment

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AC200 Avcomm Headset Used

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Restoration of Grumman F-14 & TBF Avenger

Lockheed T-33



†† The restoration of a WW II torpedo bomber the Grumman TBF Avenger is one of the latest projects undertaken to date working with the Deland Naval Air Station Museum.In 1940 the US Navy initiated an aircraft factory competition for a modern aircraft carrier torpedo bomber with WWII on the horizon in Europe and Japanís invasion of China.Grumman aircraft company was selected with manufacturing in Bethpage, Long Island NY.A total of 2,293 where manufactured designated as the TBF-1.GM also produced 7,546 under the basic designation TBM.Itís design first engagement in WWII was at the battle of Midway (June of 1942) and was involved in the sinking of the largest Japanese battleships the Yamato and the Musashi.The aircraft served in the US Navy up to 1954 and was also used by the Navy of New Zealand and Great Britain.





The 3-man aircraft had a power plant of one 1,750 hp. Wright R-2600-20 Cyclone staggered piston radial engine.This achieved a maximum speed of 267 mph and a service ceiling of 23,400 feet with a climb rate of 2,060 fpm with a range of 1,130 miles. It was considered the heaviest single engine fighter plane in WWII and first to utilize radar.





The armaments include two 0.5-inch fixed forward machine guns, a dorsal turret 0.5-inch machine gun and a ventral position 0.3 machine gun. Bombs included a 2,000-pound torpedo and variations of 500 and 100-pound bombs.Later versions also had wing rockets.The torpedo attack demanded low-level flight aligning with the enemyís starboard or port sides.


Deland Naval Air Station




Image result for turret browning machine TBF








Nose section


50 Cal


Left rear


30 cal


The TBF Avenger - a torpedo bomber initially developed for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps - first saw action during the Battle of Midway. Based on the aircraft flown by Lt. (jag) George Bush (who later became the 41st President of the United States) during World War II, this 1/16 scale kit features high quality, laser-cut balsa wood parts; plenty of vacuum-molded parts, including the canopy, turret, and radial engine cylinders; and more. Suitable for display or rubber- or electric-powered flight, it has a 41" wingspan. Assembly required.

TBF/TBM Model Avenger 1/16 Balsa Kit Item # 0086856 Unit Price $64.95






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